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  • Style No. 4552 - ABX 10
    ABX10 is a cleaning granules designed for use with oil spill. The ABX10 is highly absorbent offering 30 litres of soakage from a 10kg bag. Ease to use, just cover your spill with the product and once it's soaked up the spilled material, sweep it, and dispose it...
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    Style No. 3005 - Apex Managers Safety Shoe S3 SRC
    The Apex Managers Safety Shoe with Steel Toe cap and Kevlar Midsole has a water resistant cow split leather upper, a dark purple microfibre lining and a full black EVA footbed. This S3 shoe is antistatic, has a shock absorbing heel, oil/acid resistant dual density PU sole, and meets the SRC maximum ..
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    Style No. 2602 - Armour 2 Ace Type 5/6 Coverall
    The Armour 2 Ace Coverall is made from a strong yet breathable 63gsm microporous laminated fabric. It is a high quality and robust Cat III Type 5 & 6 suit which meets the most stringent requirements for a variety of industries. Armour 2 Ace fabric is non linting and anti-static to EN 1149-5 2008, th..
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    Style No. 4009 - Blue Nitrile Disposable Powdered Gloves
    These Powdered Blue Nitrile Glove are a single use glove suitable for use in the medical, food, or cleaning industry. The powder in the glove is inert, meaning it has no aggressive properties with regard skin contact. An AQL level of 1.5 gives you the assurance that virtually nothing will pass throu..
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    Style No. 4098 - Bodyguards Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves
    Strength - Synthetic rubber offers better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl..
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    Style No. 4285 - Bodyworks Grifter Nitrile Dipped Glove
    Bodyworks Grifter 3/4 Dipped Glove has a breathable polyester lining, with a purple 3/4 dip on the palm and back of the hand, giving you a more water resistant glove. Overlocked stitching on the knitted cuff, and ideal for working in oily environments..
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    Style No. 3154 - Bodyworks PVC Safety Wellington Boot S5 SRC
    The Bodyworks PVC Rubber Safety Wellington boot with steel toe cap and midsole is an S5 waterproof wellington. It is antistatic, has a shock absorbing heel, has oil and acid resistant soles, and meets the minimum slip resistant standards. A full footbed increases comfort and the upper is anti abrasi..
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    Style No. 1496 - Bodyworks Shark Fleece Jacket
    The Shark fleece has a full zip and a turtle style collar, with elasticated cuffs & waistband designed to keep the heat in. This heavier than normal weight fleece really does keep you warm. Also has 2 side vented pockets with zip closure...
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    Style No. 3032 - Cargo Apollo Safety Boot S3 SRC Black
    The Cargo Apollo Metal Free Safety Boot has a crazy horse leather upper with a black padded mesh lining and a fully lined footbed. This S3 boot is waterproof, has a Composite toe cap and a Kevlar midsole, making it extremely lightweight.Itis antistatic, has a shock absorbing heel with patented suppo..
  • Style No. 3433 - Cargo Bushman Forestry Kit
    The Cargo Bushman Forestry Kit has a contemporary fashioned design for convenient use and includes a browguard, earmuffs, and a mesh visor. This adjustable headpiece provides protection from flying particles, debris and offers excellent noiseprotection also...
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    Style No. 4107 - Cargo Carpenter's Pro Framing Glove
    Cargo Carpenter's Pro Framing Glove is a very comfortable, but tough and durable glove, with the index, middle and thumb finger tops exposed for using a pencil, or added dexterity if working with small fittings. The Lycra Leather combination not only offers a stylish glove but also a hardwearing non..