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  • Style No. 1636 - Balaclava Hood
    Balaclava Hood is designed for use in Cold Stores or Freezers. Made from Acrylic the balaclava prevents heat escaping from the top of your head and thus protecting the user from the cold conditions..
  • Style No. 3436 - Chemical Hood With Visor
    The Chemical Hood with Visor is a PVC Coated Nylon Fabric that includes an anti mist face visor. This Hood and Visor has excellent hazardous chemical and/or oil resistance. To secure the hood all seams are sewn and welded tight..
  • Style No. 1658 - Proban Hood
    Proban Hood is an unlined hood made from a flame retardant Proban material, with a 15cm cowl and a velcro closure. Suitable for use when there's a risk of flame to the head area. The Proban material will not ignite..
  • Style No. 1696 - Thinsulate 3 Hole Balaclava
    Thinsulate 3 Hole Balaclava is made from acrylic fabric designed to protect the wearer from the cold. prevents heat escaping from the top of the head. Creates a barrier between you and the cold, ideal for cold stores and freezing temperatures..
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    Style No. 2559 - Tyvek Cape Hood Type 5B&6B PB
    Tyvek Type 5/6 Cape Hood is an additional head protection cover that comes down to the shoulders. The cape hood is elasticated at the face for a secure fit, and sits comfortably round the neck and covers the tops of the shoulders..
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