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    Style No. 1608 - Bodyworks Hi-Vis 2 Band Vest with ID Pocket
    The Bodyworks Hi Vis Vest is a polyester yellow fluorescent material, with reflective stripes. This class 2 visibility vest has reflective strips over the shoulders and twice round the stomach area. Additionally this vest has an ID badge holder for workers that must display their IDs, at all times. ..
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    Style No. 1322 - Cargo Coloured Vest
    Cargo Coloured Vest is a hi visibility polyester material, with reflective tape around the torso and shoulders, and a Velcro fastening to the front. For use in non industrial situations for example, sports or leisure, or for domestic use for walking at night. Cargo powered for work..
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    Style No. 1715 - Childrens Hi-Vis Vest
    Children's Hi-Vis Vest are a hi-vis polyester fabric with reflective stripes over the shoulder and round the stomach area, with a Velcro fastening front. Available in a variety of sizes including, 4-6yrs, 7-9yrs, 10-12yrs, and easily personalized with your club or school logo..
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    Style No. 1308 - Hi Vis 2 Band GO/RT Vest
    Hi Vis Vest is a class 2 vest with flourescent yellow background and EN471 retro reflective tape. Velcro front closure..
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    Style No. 1310 - Hi-Vis 2 Band Vest
    The Bodyworks Hi-Vis Vest is made from a polyester material. The Fluorescent Yellow Background coupled with the amount of reflective tape dictates the classification of the vest. For example you can have a 1 or 2 band yellow vest. Class 2 visibility has a second strip of reflective tape around the s..
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    Style No. 1188 - Hi-Vis Flame Retardant 2 Band Vest
    Hi-Vis Flame Retardent 2 Band Vest is 100% knitted polyester with a velcro closure front. protects against heat and flames. EN533 Reflective Stripes and a flourescent hi-vis yellow background..
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    Style No. 1319 - Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Vest
    The Hi-Vis long Sleeve Vest is a 100% Polyester Material, with a velcro fastening. This Class3 garment has En471 Reflective tape and fluorescent material base. This vest is available in yellow or orange and easily logoed with your company, club or team name...
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    Style No. 2062 - Hi-Vis Long Sleeved Zip Vest
    Hi Vis Long Sleeve Vest is a 125gram polyester tricot knitted fabric, with a full zip closure at the front, and black binding finish. 2 hi-vis bands round the waist and arms and once over both shoulders..
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    Style No. 1311 - Hi-Vis Short Sleeve Vest
    This Hi Vis Short Sleeve Vest is 100% Polyester with a reflective tape on each shouler and arms. Velcro front fastening..
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    Style No. 1327 - Hi-Vis Vest with Multi Pockets & ID Holder
    The Hi Vis Flame Retardant Vest is a 100% Knitted Polyester flame retardant and antistatic material. This means the garment will not ignite into flame and allows static charge to pass from the body. With a Velcro and zip closure for comfort and fit..
  • Style No. 2569 - Hi-Vis Vest with No Reflective Tape
    The Hi Vis Vest is a 100% polyester fluorescent material, but without the addition of the reflective tape. For use to denote members of staff in the workplace, or leaders at junior or community events. Used to distinguish VIPs from a crowd..
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    Style No. 1440 - Rail Industry GORT Hi-Vis Vest with Zip Closure
    Rail Industry Hi-Vis Vest is a polyester material that has not been stitched at the shoulder and the seams, instead, the front and back pieces of material used are velcro fastened. This allows the very quick release of a garment should it be caught in a moving object. Ideally used in the railway ind..
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