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  • Style No. 3750 - Adjustable 0.85-1.35MT Restraint Lanyard
    Adjustable Restraint Lanyard is 2m metres in full length but can be adjusted to 1m metre length. It is designed to restrain the user from making a fall as oppose to catching them in a fall, for example in a cherry picker. Ideal for securing a person inside a cherry picker or scissors lift..
  • Style No. 3763 - 1.6M Lanyard With Scaffolding Hook
    2m Lanyard With Scaffolding Hook is a webbed line, with a shock absorber. A karabiner is attached to one to attach to your harness and the other end has a double closing scaffolding hook to connect to your anchorage point..
  • Style No. 3764 - 1.75Mt Expandable Webbing Lanyard with 2 Scaff Hooks
    The 1.75mt Lanyard with Expandable Webbing comes with a large 54mm Scaffolding Hook and a smaller 19mm version.The Webbing is elasticated helping reduce friction and/or damage to the lanyard when not in use or when slack is left to rub off the ground...
  • Style No. 3774 - 1.8m Twin Lanyard Rope
    The 1.8M Twin Lanyard has two 180cm elastic rubber ropes inside a nylon sleeve with a tear open energy absorber, two scaffold hooks and one snap hook. EN354Nylon webbing. The twin lanyard gives you the ability to move freely without the worry of not being securing anchored..
  • Style No. 3762 - 2m Lanyard Rope
    2m Rope Lanyard comes complete with a snap hook and a scaffolding hook, for use in connecting to your harness and your anchorage point. As per European Standard this lanyard also has a shock absorber that will open during a fall, which helps reduce any possible injuries during fall arrest..