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    Style No. 4307 - Seamless Terry Glove
    Knitted from 20oz 100% cotton yarn this glove has a seamless construction which improves comfort, durability and removes any weakness inherited in seamed products. Heat protection up to 250 Deg C and achieves cut level 2, this style can be used in variety of different applications. Extremely soft wi..
  • Style No. 4239 - Grip N'Hot Mill Glove
    Hot mill Glove is a 28cm long, 250 degree heat resistant glove, made from a seamless knitted double layered, overlocked cotton/acrylic material. This glove is ambidextrous with great grip on both sides of each glove..
  • Style No. 4193 - Baker's Heat Resistant Mitt
    Bakers Mitt protects ia a fabric glove with a PVC Barrier, which helps protect against liquids and steam...